Get Effective Automotive Email Marketing with ePush!

You may be missing out on conversions due to a lack of market visibility.

That’s right. We said it, and we have the solution for it. At ePush!, we have cutting-edge tech that will provide the clarity you need and the results you want from automotive email marketing campaigns.

Let’s break it down for you.

The nitty-gritty of automotive emails services have two main factors:

    • Who you want to reach.
    • What you want them to accomplish.

We need to be honest with ourselves — most people would absorb their mobile device into their body if they could. Does that mean you should send an email to every person and humanoid-smartphone hybrid as the best strategy for an email campaign?


Instead, you should work with an expert. In fact, our experts at ePush! will help you generate data-driven, targeted email campaigns that will exponentially increase your profit.

Time to See Results with Trackable Automotive Email Marketing

ePush!’s email marketing mavens create an omnichannel strategy that we use to boost three segments of your business …

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ePush! Conquest customers

Conquest competitor’s customers
At ePush!, we use our technology to give you access to the real-time shopping data of your potential customers. The benefit? You can crush other dealerships by conquesting in-market shoppers instead of pursuing general email marketing lists — you’ll effectively engage consumers and steal them from your competitors.

ePush! Reanimate missed opportunities

Reanimation™ of missed CRM opportunities
We believe our email marketing gurus have perfected the secret sauce of successful automotive email marketing, and we will dare to share it with you: clean, active leads in your CRM. Our BMP™ hygienes dead, lost, or inactive leads, reanimates them, and transforms them into an advantage for your dealership.

Yes, our core technology brings dead leads back to life — except these won’t eat you. They’ll make you money.

ePush! Retain Sales & Customers

Retention of sales and customers
What’s the best way to keep your customers away from the competition?

ePush!’s customer retention strategy.

First, we use our advanced technology to scan your digital space. Then we target active consumers and take their business using our proactive email campaign.

Do you want to see real results from your automotive internet and email marketing campaigns?
If so, it’s time to link up with ePush! We tweak, update, and strengthen strategies based on real-time data to create the most effective automotive email and omnichannel campaigns for you. We’re ready to give you a demo of our services and start enhancing your business today. Contact ePush! now.