Find the Hidden Treasure
in Your CRM with ePush!


Take Your Useless Dirty Data and Turn It into Incremental Sales

Why don’t you want to hygiene the lost leads and dirty data in your CRM? It’s a question the our team at ePush! constantly asks!

Many times retailers will answer: It’s too expensive, it’s too inefficient, or it’s not worth it.

Well, the experts at ePush! are here to let you in on a little secret — it is worth it. And did we mention that we have the cutting edge technology to get the job done effectively and efficiently?

At ePush! we see past the dead, inactive, and lost leads into the treasure chest of potential sales they provide. How? With our superior Reanimation™ strategy, of course.

Hygiene, append, and revitalize …

Our three vital steps in this process that ensure your company will see increased, trackable unit sales. When you work with ePush!, you’ll have the opportunity to reanimate customers you lost up to 5 years ago, and even opt back in legally opted-out customers.

Are you ready to learn more about each step of the process? We thought so. Below is an outline that should clear up any remaining doubts, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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Contact us to see a live demo of Reanimation™ and
discover the hidden treasure in your CRM.



Hygiening is about more than simply cleansing your data.

It’s about locating the inaccurate, missing, and dead records in your CRM and metamorphosing them into profits.

How does ePush! help? We mark each data as either dead, lost, inactive, or unsold. Next we locate the prospect and use our DataFi™ process to make it more profitable than ever before.


At ePush!, we’re not daunted by 1,000s of lost leads. Why? Because we know the key to reanimating them into an organized data set ready for marketing.

It’s simple: aggressively DataFi™ the stale leads that are weighing down your CRM.

We have access to a 320 million opt-in email Vi7.5 Auto Intender dataset — and we’ll put it to good use. ePush! hunts down incorrect email address, appends and enhances them, and then makes sure they comply. When we’re through, you’ll be fully equipped to engage all potential prospects.


Once ePush! has hygiened your data, you’ll become a magnet to conquest, service, and warranty customers that are seeking out a dealership. Thanks to our process, you can legally send your prospects an onslaught of OEM incentives, specials, and your available inventory.

You’ll see them in your showroom soon after, ready to buy.

The Power of CRM Reanimation

Many assume the power of hygiened, reanimated data to be immeasurable, but with ePush! we can turn those data sets into trackable, increased profits. So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to Reanimate™ your dead lead trash into CRM treasure.

Set up a product demonstration to see how we can put our expertise to work for you.

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