Dirty Data “A 3 Trillion Dollar Epidemic,” What It’s Costing Your Dealership, and How to Fix It – Transform Your Useless CRM Data Into Profitable Incremental Sales!

Primary Learning Objectives:
● Understand how dirty CRM data happens, how to slow it down, reduce lead losses, and ultimately stop it all together. You’ll learn the true cost and losses directly attributed to dirty data and the legal risks of not fixing it.
● Learn how to HYGIENE bad CRM data and scrub it clean, and bring all information for your contacts up-to-date so can legally reach out and restart a meaningful conversation to get them back into the sales or service funnel.
● Learn best practices for the remarketing process and cost effective advertising mediums to reach your new scrubbed clean data set.

Session Description: Dirty Data is costing practically every dealer in the U.S. a huge share of their market and resulting in tens of thousands of dollars each year, and even way into the millions for some dealer groups. Dirty Data is the inaccurate, expired, outdated contact information that clogs your dealership’s CRM and makes running effective marketing campaigns to these lost sales nearly impossible while creating massive technical and legal headaches.

It’s a hard truth to swallow, but junk data is plaguing U.S. dealerships at an alarming rate. One of the main enemies is as the volume of data on lost leads ages, it degrades, loses opt-in permissions, and suffers address changes and deletions until it is rendered totally unusable. The net result is Dirty Data compounds in the CRM, and accounts for hundreds of lost sales per year and even more for larger stores and dealer groups.

Session Level: Intermediate

Sean Marra, CEO, ePush!

Speaker Bio: Sean Marra launched his first business at 16, and sold his first company by 19. At the age of 25, he co-founded BigGross.com, a web-based automotive sales, advertising and marketing company, which he grew to over $100 million in sales. BigGross.com is now respected as one the most innovative automotive advertising companies in the industry. Sean then went on to co-found ePush! in 2009, a behavioral data and marketing company, which was honored in the 2014 and 2015 Inc 500 as one of America’s fastest growing companies. Sean is still the CEO and CMO of ePush! and continues to innovate and disrupt the automotive data, marketing and advertising space.